Monday, January 16, 2012

My Sisters Keeper

Mondays are always laundry day for my sister and I. And whilst our washers and dryers are hard at work this is our time to catch up on each others lives. We live about 400 kms away from each other so this is done in the comfort of our own homes but we couldn't be closer. And this week we had lots to catch up on - she's been out of the country since Dec 28th so we've been missing our weekly chats. She shared with me all of her shopping adventures and Beals bargains - and yes, people she can smell a bargain! While I, on the other hand told her all about my second hand shop finds and about this amazing artist I encountered at the Seaport Market who will make your grandmothers antique china into jewelry! My sister has fallen heir to our grandmothers collection of china teacups and saucers so we've decided to commission this young lady to craft some pieces for ourselves and for our Mom as a surprise for her. If any of you are interested I would be happy to pass along her business card information.
I also spent the day exploring ways to further grow my business and researching ways to bring people to my blog. If your reading this then hopefully some of what I've ventured into has worked!
Tomorrow my beloved sewing machine will be back home where it rightfully belongs and I am too excited to begin some of my new projects - and I'll bring you guys along! Right now I'm going to try to fashion some jewelry out of the odds and sods of leather and suede bits that I've been sparing from the trash bin....

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