Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Twins!!!

Well almost twins! Yes, the search for a second sewing machine is finally over and was successful! I am the proud owner of a second Bernina!
When my machine had to go into the shop for a tune up and was there for nearly 3 weeks, I realized that I definitely had to invest in a 2nd machine for backup!
It's amazing how things work out for the best - for weeks now I've been spending so much time and effort trying to track down a second hand machine and it had to be a Bernina. I'm just so in love with my 35 yr old 817 that I couldn't imagine using another brand. Oh my God - I'm a brand whore! Oh well when it works, it works!
So I missed out on 3 different machines and was heartbroken but then along came the 807!
It was less money than the other 3, has already been serviced, has a 90 day guaranty AND was delivered right to my door! How sweet is that?! And the attachments, of course, are all inter-changeable - BONUS! It's so awesome when all the stars align and you realize that everything happens for a reason! Oh, and to celebrate - I'm offering 25% off all stock -!
So color me happy!


  1. Wooow... Good for you !!! Now you can make more nice bags. Do you saw the Leather bag with this machine ??
    I love to saw too.. (not bags :)) My next goal is sawing machine ... Good Luck dear ❤

  2. Thanks! Yes I do all my bags on these machines. Good luck in your search for a sewing machine - you can't go wrong with a Bernina!