Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recycling Sentiment

One of the hardest things in life to part with is artwork! Especially if it was passed on to us by relatives. Any type of needlework - needlepoint, embroidery, etc., those of us who have ever done any needlework know just how extremely labour intensive it can be. But let's face it most of it just doesn't fit into todays modern minimalist decor. So the framed picture so lovingly crafted by your great aunt or the sofa cushion handed down from your grandparents house is probably sitting gathering dust in your attic. So I think I've found a solution! Check out the handbags I've designed using vintage needlepoints and recycled leather and suede -

I'm thrilled with the way these turned out! I have to say that I was inspired by a vendor at my local market who will make jewelry out of china. My grandmother gave each of her grandchildren one of her cherished fine china tea cups and while I am a tea drinker, I never use it - I prefer a mug. So my sister and I have decided to enlist her services to create jewelry for each of us and to have her create something really special for our Mom as a surprise.
I just love how we are able to hold onto our treasures in different forms and carry the sentiment with us always!

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