Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On Vacation!

So I'm off on a Planes, Trains and Automobiles sort of vacation.

I'm headed to Florida but of course it's not as easy peasy as hopping on a plane! Can't take my car because the city transit buses are now on strike and my son needs a vehicle to get to work.

Can't take the long distance bus because I have to go through New Brunswick and those buses are on strike!
Thankfully the train is running but it only stops in Moncton and I need to get to Fredericton! God bless friends - a dear one is picking me up in Moncton to drive me to Fredericton to catch another drive from Fredericton to Bangor! Breath!
 Aww and finally it's on the plane! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate, all connections will work out and I'll have 10 day of R & R to look forward to! One things for sure, I'm not gonna spend one second thinking about the return trip - BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'll be off-line for a couple of weeks! Ciao!

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