Saturday, March 31, 2012

Handbags! For the Love of the Bag - Part 3

Hi Handbag lovers - sorry again for being an absentee blogger! I do, however, have a good excuse this time - I was actually in hospital. Yes, unfortunately, my appendix burst and I was operated on and hospitalized for 4 days and then on bed-rest for 2 weeks. So......just now getting my sewing legs back!

While in hospital, I did have my trusty Iphone with me and was able to check my email and was so thrilled when I heard back from my client that she had presented her friend with the bag that I had made out of her husbands' jacket and she was absolutely thrilled! Big sigh of relief from me - even though it hurt - a little appendix humor!

So now that I'm up and about again - I can't wait to get in motion! Whilst in bed, I came up with more and more ways to recycle and lots of new design ideas that I can't wait to get off the paper and into fruition! One can only watch so much TV - so stay turned for some great new handbags! 

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