Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm a Winner!!!!

Ok so first off, sorry to be absent for so long! Vacation mode took a little longer to recover from - when you have fibromyalgia, travel, weather and stress are like the perfect storm! I'm still in a fair bit of pain but I'm determined to move forward!
So first off - vacation was lovely! Always so nice to get to Florida to spend time with friends and family. Had a fabulous time at Busch Gardens this year - the ice show is amazing - if you have a chance to go, don't deprive yourself of it. It's really lovely.
A little disappointed in the shopping, this year. Beals, is of course, my sister and my favorite store and well quite frankly the dots just had not moved enough for us this year!! The Flea Markets as always were fabulous - always my favorite part - love, love the Big Top!
We had some fabulous meals - my Mom is such a good cook and why or why can't Red Lobster come to Canada?!!!! Mom shared an excellent recipe with me as well and I'll pass it on to all of you-- I'll include it at the end of this post. It's so simple yet just the best thing ever Pickled Green Onions!!! They are fabulous and how many times have I bought those at the supermarket and gone to use them only to find them all shriveled and wilted?!
So upon returning home, I've been faced with some disheartening situations. But I know from past experience that time, friends, family and God will see me through and in time I will look back and know why it was important that I go through this. And so for now - I take one day at a time.
But, more importantly, while I was away, some fabulous things happened! First and foremost I was thrilled to get a text from my son telling me that he had made the Dean's list! I am so proud of that young man! And as the title of this blog implies - I'm a winner!!!! My name was drawn as the winner of the Team Noir Treasury Giveaway on Etsy!
I can't believe it - I never win anything! I know everyone says that but trust me people, I never win anything! So here's what I've won:
I haven't received it yet, but how cool are all of these items?! It feels just like Christmas only I'm waiting on the postman instead of Santa!

So as promised here is the recipe:

Pickled Green Onions

As many bunches of onions as you think you need - I used 6 bunches and it filled a mason jar
Pickling Salt

Chop your green onions in tiny pieces using both the green and white parts.
In a large mixing bowl begin by layering salt then onions and continue until all onions are used.
End with a salt layer.
Place a plate directly on top of the onion mixture (not on top of the bowl)
Place something heavy on the plate - I used my bag of salt
Let this sit for a couple of hours.
Remove the plate and spoon the entire contents into a clean jar - refrigerate for a few days until the salt is absorbed.
These are perfect to mix into mashed potatoes, soups, casseroles or stir frys!

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  1. Hi! I found you on Bloggers of Etsy, where I am a new member.
    I am a fellow sufferer of Fibromyalgia and I too just came back from Florida...Disney! All the walking just about killed me and it was cold there. I am still recuperating!
    I joined your blog! Please check mine out!